Monday, January 21, 2008

Uh...real black beans?

So I heard that it's cheaper (and healthier=lower sodium) to buy black beans in the bag that are hard...I'm attempting this, and I've realized that only if you're a super planner or you don't work you can do this preparing! So far I've had to soak them overnight. Now I'm cooking them for almost 2 hours! What? Who has that time in addition to cooking the actual meal, in this case chili...normally really quick!

Even after 2 hours...the beans were really hard, so I cooked them longer. But the chili ended up so yummy. We had Jiffy cornbread with cream corn in it! However, we are still scrubbing the pot the beans were cooked in, I think it may be ruined!

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  1. Amy - It is true black beans are really healthy for you. So I hear. I have an awesome BB chili recipe if you would like me to share. And, I felt the same way, washing, soaking, picking the beans. What the heck. I soaked them in cold water for two hours and cooked them in the crock pot all day. Valinda