Monday, December 14, 2015

Each day

Each day I come home from work Jenna can do something new. (I try not to be sad from missing so much) I am in amazement at how quickly she has grown up.

Jenna is now 15 months old! 

Here are some new things for her
Walking backwards
Playing chase (she must chase you, otherwise it ends poorly with her nose into a wall, cause she's looking at you)
Pushing buttons
Brushing her hair
Brushing her teeth 
Flipping light switches 
Playing peekaboo 
Can point to hers and your ears, eyes, nose, belly button 
Can say something that resembles mailman, water, night night, more, bye, and good
Enjoys recycling 
Tells you if you forgot to close the gate of lock a cabinet 
Knows what a cow, cat, and sheep say
Blows kisses on command 
Interested in others belly buttons
Obsessed with hers 
Loves to slide at the park
Still eating everything so well: edamame, turkey, black eyed peas, and cuties are her big eats currently

I can't wait to be home for Thanksgiving, and then before I know it Christmas break!

This is new too: 

When did she get so tall!?

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