Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Scary Ultrasound

We had our 20 week ultrasound today. While I was relieved her heart was beating and she was still a girl, we ended up with potential bad news. If I sound non-nonchalant or just blunt, I don't mean to, I think it's how I deal with things.

We were told Stella's head is measuring small, they couldn't see her tailbone, and something (I don't remember) was missing or couldn't be seen leading to the heart even though we did see four chambers in the heart. All these things together COULD mean a neural tube defect, specifically spina bifida.

I went ahead with the 2nd level of NT scan (blood) testing. Then we were told that a specialty office at MUSC will be calling to schedule an appointment based on severeness, could be tomorrow/this week/next week. Since I am finished with students, I said anytime and any day. Well I just walked in the door and they called. I have an appointment tomorrow, Thursday at 2pm.

At that time I will have a higher quality ultrasound and the special doctor will be in the room with us and give us the outcome right then. BLECK, what do I do with myself until 2pm tomorrow...
Here are some new u/s pictures from today when we were still in bliss about how easy pregnancy has been so far. Hopefully at this time tomorrow, all this will just have been a little speed bump in the road.  

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  1. Oh Amy we will be thinking of you tomorrow! Thoughts and prayers are with you!