Wednesday, March 5, 2014

NT Scan

We had a great 12 week ultrasound last week, the baby was moving all over like we've never seen before. The baby is also measuring a week head of schedule so was really measuring 13 weeks. Today I just got the results back from the bloodwork part combined with ultrasound.

I'm going to positive here...but in a whisper voice I am saying :: we've been on the 1 side before, you know as in 1/100,000::

Here are the results, and I am very happy to share them with you :)
This is great news for us...if you don't know, 21 is down syndrome and the other two are much much worse, usually not compatible with life.

Trisomy 21
Trisomy 13 & 18
Ultrasound Only
Ultrasound + bloodwork

12 Weeks measuring 13 
I also wanted to add that the tech was super nice. We have seen her so many times. She let us watch for what seemed like forever. Looking at the spinal cord, and just all over. She showed us the whole umbilical cord and that it was pulsing. I had never seen that before either. It went on so long I was like, oh thank you can stop now. But really it was nice very nice of her, I hope to have her every time we have an u/s.