Monday, June 9, 2008

Shrimp from "Cap't Hughes!"

While visiting Hannah (former student...aww) and her family today, they gave me some of the shrimp her daddy had caught! It's so much we're have shrimp tonight and tomorrow night. I'm so excited to grill them up.

I found a marinade recipe that I tried, then realized it said "shell on," whoops, I've already shelled 1/2 the bag we plan on using tonight. Hopefully the olive oil/lemon juice mixture won't harm the taste or make them ignite on the grill!

Yummy, they turned out fabulous. Next time I might put the bell peppers on their own skewer and cook them a bit longer.
Thanks again, Hughes Family
P.S. I was thrilled when I saw they were already "de-headed"

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