Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Rainbow Meat"

Looks like a blob huh? But it's GOOD!

AKA Reindeer Meat, which really where did that come that a family thing, maybe I should google it. But Will thought I'd said Rainbow!

While at the beach my aunt, Maryanne gave me this recipe. My Mama and Ga Ga make this recipe often, but I'd never asked for the recipe. It's so good! Did I say that already?

275 degrees
2 1/2 hours!!

chicken breast
8oz. sour cream
1 C cream of mushroom soup
ham luncheon meat (you can use chipped beef, but Will thinks it's too salty)

Line dish with ham. Roll chicken breast with uncooked bacon cover with sour cream and soup mixture. Done, and yummy...really good with brown rice! However, we had it on a Tuesday which means no carbs for Will's diet. BLAH! But we had ceasar salad too.

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  1. Amy, I can't wait to try this recipe and tell Braden it's Reindeer Meat! I wonder if he'll even taste it!!!