Saturday, July 12, 2008

Buddy's First Night

So he gobbled down his food. Seemed fine, snuck into gobble two bites of Jade's food. He's sneaky! To sleep we put Behr in the kitchen with the baby gate, and Buddy in the big crate. Got that?

Thankfully the big crate is big enough because at some point between midnight and 7am Buddy threw up in the crate. It didn't get on him, I'm SO surprised and he didn't eat it. He didn't whine or bark. Will said he didn't want to get in the crate initially and he had to verbally correct him because he was pawing at the crate door. Partially our fault we usually don't lock the bottom. So we've, ok Will has taken the tray from the bottom of the crate out side and sprayed it off.

So far this morning Behr and Jade are being really playful, they need a walk. But Buddy is just laying behind me as I type. I hope he's okay. I'm being really impatient with this HW treatment process and finding a vet to do it for less money and someone to help pay for it. I just want to scoop him up pay for it all and start treatment. However, I "know" this is a foster.

I'm going to meet Michelle and Mabel today and hopefully she will have some news for me and Buddy. I'll let you know what happens. Then I can talk to Michelle about foster vs. forever home. Can we do it financially forever? Upfront costs, yes. For 12+ years....times 3 all the same age, teenagers! times 3 vaccs and 3 meds and 3 kennels for vacations!

I'm pretty sure we gotten rid of any houseguests that were planning on ever visiting. I'll never have to use all this fine china at Thanksgiving or Christmas because no one will come, as Mama says, "we'll have hair in our mac-n-cheese!"

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