Monday, July 28, 2008

Returned to their owner

During the visit at Mama's house in Columbia I took Jade out and saw two Mini-Australian Shepherds. So I grabbed their collar and took them in the basement. Mama is yelling at me I don't want stray dogs in my house...I was like really? They are together and they are the same breed. Not strays, these were pets.

Only one had a tag, rabies tag, so I called the vet. I got in touch with someone at the work number and they contacted the owners. The owner called me back and came within 5 minutes. "They got away from me this morning" UHHH unresponsible! They were very hungry and very cuddly, thought the couch was home, but had been swimming in the creek.

I can't believe I didn't yell at the owner. If they had separated the one without tags might not have been rehomed. I know they could have had chips, but that doesn't matter! Ends up they have 3 of this breed, I hope they take better care of them next time.

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  1. Sorry you didn't know about it! I posted it on the nest- mainly it's just for me to keep track of fosters and issues we've had, and stuff like that.

    He DID sleep-- for two four hour stretches without barking! Yay! Your dogs + Benadryl did the trick, I think. How did your dogs sleep?