Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update on Us Day 5

Thank heavens Will beat me home to find both #1 and #2 in Buddy's crate! Thankfully he didn't get in it, so he is still clean. Let me tell you I've only picked up two of his #2's and it takes both hands in the bag to pick it all up, it's HUGE!

Oh and this morning I bailed on our 5:30am walk...well I didn't get extra sleep! Behr, Jade, and Will left for their walk. Now Buddy doesn't bark. He howls! So maybe he does have more wolf in him than we thought!

This afternoon Buddy had much energy. I don't know where it came from, but he also started chewing on our toys. He and Behr were running as fast as they could from one end of the house to the other, no traction...we took up all the area rugs! I had to stop it quick, Buddy should not be playing.

Will is taking Buddy to Michelle's house tomorrow to meet the home visit vet to possibly begin treatment for heartworm. I am so excited this is finally happening. I'll update you tomorrow with news from the vet.

Oh and tomorrow I get the walky dog. This means I've got to go to Target and get a helmet. I can't wait to safely bike with Behr, I'll post a picture.

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