Saturday, March 28, 2009


New Years Resolutions for Pet Lovers

10. No Table Scraps: Our four-legged friends won’t be happy about this one. No more people food from the table or placed in the pet bowl, and no more plate licking either.

9. Nail Trims: Keeping pets nails trimmed properly can be a real challenge but 2008 will be a year of fewer toe nails clicking on floors.

8. Disaster Preparedness: Putting together a pet disaster plan and survival kit is the plan for many pet parents in 2008.

7. Brushing Teeth: It’s recommended that you clean your pet’s teeth at least once a week, but not many pet parents do this.

6. Healthy Treats: Many pet parents plan on “treating” their pets to more natural and organic treats.

5. Sit, Stay, Down: A well behaved pet is also a less stressed pet.

4. Car Safety: Plan to better secure your pets when traveling by car by using a pet car seat, pet safety belt, travel carrier, or pet barrier.

3. More Road Trips: Whether it’s a trip to Grandma’s house, a visit to the pet store, or a trip to the dog park

2. Reduce your pet’s environmental paw-print by choosing recycled, toys and bedding

1. More Exercise: Whether it’s walks, runs, fetch, or hikes. Getting Fido and Fluffy moving is the top New Year’s pet resolution.

From Charleston Animal Society.
#4 and #9 are high on our list.

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  1. Have you done #8? I need to work on a couple of those with Macie. But more trips is out of the question for us! Codie