Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm kinda embarrassed and annoyed. Embarrassed that we've let the dogs poop in the pine straw out back around the wooded area. Annoyed that HOA lady complained about wads of hair. Really, so now after I brush them I have to catch it in the wind and bag it. Ahhh, I guess I could turn the fans off and brush inside!

Anyway, over it.
Going running with Behr!
Practiced commands with Jade

BTW, It sucks running with Behr, well by the middle he was better. But at first, he thinks you're playing and is totally in the way, chewing the leash, jumping, and must be touching you at all times. Will gave me a hard time about secretly not liking him last night and that's the reason I've been only running with Buddy. So I felt guilty. Nope now I remember.

...and yes, I scooped all the poop that has happened today. And I picked it ALL up from the pine straw!

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  1. Oh no. That sucks. You should really start thinking about saving for a house!