Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Thousand!

Looking at the budget our grocery line was almost $686, with our dining out $319...that equals! $1005
Holy crap....we ate $1005 and it's only two of us??

I'm thinking May will be a eating out freeze? I joked and said no meat for us. If looks could kill, I'd be dead!

Tonight: Tacos
Wed: Chicken?
Thursday: ???Taylor Swift
Friday: Breakfast for dinner...thank God it's May...


  1. I wouldn't say "two of you" anymore. The man eats like there are three of you...at least.

  2. Yeah.. Will eats a lot.

    And how could NOT eat at Andolini's all the time? I see the dilemma though.

    Upside to us working separate schedules: I pre-make my dinner with what's at home most days. Eat out about 1 day a week. (This week 2 times.. Craved Moe's yesterday.. didn't have time to grocery shop before work today)

    Jimmy eats home most nights. Eats out maybe 2 days a week.

    If we were both off at night.. we would be eating out all the time.