Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dogs and Babies

Just for future reference you never know...

Babies have been a hot topic recently for us. Is it wrong to think, I need to talk to our dog trainer (not family doctor) before we decide to have a baby?

So many people dump their dog when they get pregnant, I feel the complete opposite. I keep questioning the dogs, like...Are you ready for us to have a baby?? HA.

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Family Paws

Babies and Beasts

PittieBoo's Advice:

Strangers kids = not a realistic view of how your dog will be around your baby

And from what I gather, you were holding him [dog] while showing him the baby? Bad idea. You took away his ability to flee something that distressed him. When fearful, dogs have 2 natural responses, fight or flight. By holding him, he had no choice but to display his "fight" i.e. growling and snapping.

You need to work hard on:

1. Not babying him- stop holding him or carrying him if you do; this should be reserved for the bay. Best to stop now so it's not a shock to him.

2. Introduce him to older dog savvy kids who come bearing loads of treats. If at any time your dog acts like he doesn't want to meet them, do not force the issue. Slow and steady, baby steps, etc... Forcing him will only make him dig his proverbial heels in deeper.

3. Acknowledge that he is a product of his surroundings- that'd be you. Get some professional help now. Nothing you have written is that alarming to me at all. Pretty minor stuff all in all.

4. Read my blog. Yes, changing your dog's behaviors is going to require work, but everything in life does. And really, a little dog training isn't rocket science.

5. Accept the advice given here with a teaspoon of sugar, you mentioned rehoming your dog to a large group of women who bust their ass to save homeless pets. Your pet has a home and changing homes only takes away a potential home for one of the 7-8 million animals sitting on death row yearly. They are just doing their part to make you aware even if it's a bitter pill to swallow.

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