Sunday, January 2, 2011

Croque Madame Sandwich

I saw this on Food Network and I had to try it. I had no clue this cheese should be named STINKY CHEESE! YUCK. So the first time I made this sandwich, it was rather mild. I couldn't bring myself to add much of this nasty stuff to my dinner!

But the second go around, this time, much better!
Will, nor I could finish our sandwich! They were so huge.

You add this milk/flour/parm combo (bechamel sauce?) to practically all sides of this sandwich, even under the egg!

Now into the skillet to make it all buttery and melty! Then under the broiler with some more of that bechamel sauce on top!

Fry up an egg and slide it onto the top! Then grab a fork and a knife!
Click for the full recipe, Alex Guarnaschelli

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