Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two Peas-Week One-Aperture

This week I began a photography course called Two Peas in a Bucket. It's 12 weeks to better photography, portraits are like week 9 (I wanna cheat and look ahead!) Wanna join me? Kimmie??
This week I was to play with the camera on "A" makes the background fuzzy. I tried both outside and inside.

Pioneer Woman says " For instance, when I take photos of my children, I know I want the Aperture number to be quite low (wide open) so that the subject will be in focus and the background will be blurred. That’s my—ready?—PRIORITY for this shot—a wide open aperture. I don’t want to mess around with figuring out the Shutter Speed side of things, so I’ll let the camera figure that out." So set your dial to "A" when photographing children, the camera will do the rest for you. GOT IT! Whew, I'm learning. and I wanna take photos of kids, so this is important to me.
f/8 I think

Inside photos were taken one day. I was so confused, I couldn't focus and had to focus manually. I then re-read week one and the next day was able to get the outdoor shots without zooming. I figured things out a little better.



Photography in the winter in my neighborhood is pretty blah...but I did find a pink flowering bush the other day.


  1. Hey Amy! Part of what's going on in your indoor photos is you might have gotten too close to the statue for the camera to focus, so it keeps adjusting but is never able to focus, and therefore won't let you take a picture if it's in AF mode. Your best bet is to stand back further and zoom in. As for your outdoor pictures, you're working with some great direct sunlight. Try working with a plant that doesn't reflect as much light into the lens, or maybe consider changing your ISO. The higher your ISO, the more light it will take in over a shorter time. This will all be explained a little later in the 2 Peas course. Hope this helps! Great start!!!

  2. Thank you Sarah! I will try the inside pictures again. It's raining today, we had an "ice" teaching :-)
    I am about to post the leaves pictures, I just finally figured it out from flickr! Yahoo!