Sunday, February 13, 2011

Landscape/Cityscape Pictures

The only photo I liked from the day! (and it has nothing to do with the project)

Uh, is I feel about this one! Homework for this week is to practice landscape and cityscapes.

Well when you go looking for abandoned houses, or really cool fields you can't find them. Everything says "no trespassing" and I'm a chicken. Then when you finally pull the car over you think you hear dog tags and while looking through the camera you have visions of a dog on your a$$.

These suck. I know the only way to improve is practice, but still....This first word sums up this project for me!

Landscape/Cityscape Tips from a fellow bumpie:

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  1. You are doing WAY better than me!! I am still on week one!! EEEEEEKKKK!!