Saturday, June 4, 2011

1 Week Until Reda becomes Moore!

14 minutes ago I saw Jaimie asked, "Is it too late to learn the wobble?" NOPE!

Jaimie this is for you XOXOXO

Jump Up 4 counts
Jump Back 4 counts
Shake it to the right 4 counts
Shake it to the left 4 counts
Right step cha-cha
Left step cha-cha
Right step, Left step back and forth for 8 counts, while you turn to the left..back up while you are stepping these 8 counts. REPEAT!! WOO WOO!

After I figured it out, I just found this link!
After she gives her shout outs, it's actually pretty good and she adds some turns toward the end.

BETTER IDEA! costume! (Can you tell we aren't doing anything tonight?!!)


  1. Southern Strutt lessons finally paid off! Welcome to Wobble World. I spewed my coffee all over the place when I watched this......I am so proud of you!!! P

  2. I LOOOVE how you put the dress on and did it again. Ahaha! Classic. so I need to learn it.. I'm guessing we'll need to play a certain song??

    Hadn't seen that dress on you... looks good!

  3. omg.. she gives a "shoutout" to her momma's facebook page. really..............