Friday, July 15, 2011

House Update

New quilt from Tuesday Morning...I think these are colors are pretty true, I tried all sorts of settings to get this...check out my crummy paint color on the wall (don't worry that will be gone)

I'm a bit crooked huh? I should have taken the white corners off prior to this photo.

Thank heavens for rain...but this is what happens to the yard! I don't think you can see it, but there is practically a river running quickly behind that fence. Now I know why the fence must have 10 feet between them.

Apparently the alligator on the left is "Elvis"... and they never get on the bank closest to the road. I was told you can see deer son the bank, and swimming (um they are dumb)...and in those woods there are wild hogs that people hunt since there are so many of them. The hogs often tear up the banks on this pond, I guess by rolling and digging ?? Not sure.
You can't see this one at all, but I think it was the biggest. I'm not a good estimator, but I thought it looked as long as I am tall! He/She is on the back bank in the middle of this shot. I obviously need another lens!

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