Friday, May 11, 2012

Wanna take a guess? Girl or Boy?

I couldn't stand it, I went to Summerville and got an elective ultrasound. I am currently 17 weeks and 4 days. There is a place that will take you from 15 weeks on and tell you the gender. So I called on Saturday and got this appointment for Tuesday at 5:15. Neither of our mamas know, and it's so hard avoiding talking to them.

My friend Yassi went with me since Will was working. The tech put the gender picture in an envelope, so I couldn't see it. Yassi put it in the side pocket of the passenger seat, I left it there until Will got it home at 7:30pm.

We opened it and found out It's A Girl!
Well I think...I questioned the ultrasound, and didn't get excited because I doubted it. This picture reads "Looks like girl parts" --what the heck? that's not exact, I need a definite answer. So I proceeded to Kim, not that she's ever seen her own girl ultrasound, but whatever she seems to be the expert. She said yes, it's a girl. So I proceeded to tell everyone else, now I make this sound like it was drawn out this all happened in about 4 minutes.

Still all night I was in shock. The whole time I've been picturing boy, and Will had boy dreams. Jack, I just love that name. All afternoon I was visioning being the only girl in our household and getting to be the princess forever, opps...not so much now! :-)

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