Friday, July 20, 2012

In the mail

The day I took this photo I was having mixed feelings. I ordered these bracelets "forever in our hearts" and I was excited to wear it. I also got the next American Baby a free magazine, and while I browsed the magazine differently this time I was still excited for the future. I still am excited for what is to come.

I am starting to having thoughts about school. I hope I can be strong, when I see all those faces. I know it's okay if students see me cry. I just don't want new families to think I'm off my rocker.

I have seen a few students and they are all so sweet. One mentioned Stella, and that she's in heaven looking down at us bowling. Others remember her full name. They wrote it often that last week of school while practicing their cursive. Recently a student saw my bracelet, and asked if that was for Behr. I said yes it could be, and she said oh it's for your baby isn't it? How can little people (6yrs) actually understand and remember all that, Behr died over a year ago.

I visited a friend and her new baby this week. We had a great visit. I did feel jealous once I left, but no tears were shed. I pray daily for my health, marriage, MMP and families, pregnant people, and those trying to conceive, my family, past and future students and families, and for a term healthy baby.

We are getting ready for a big weekend. Will is having a working out thing at Krav Maga on Saturday and we are frying turkeys that night to feed 11 powerlifters and their signicant others. 21 rsvp yes. Omg. Have a great weekend! Hugs to you all.

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