Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25 Photo Challenge: Shower

Click Here to see the day we had the gender reveal with my fellow teachers and the next day my students.  I don't think I have my end of the school year shower in photos. But I did keep all the gifts, with the exception of the big items (swing and mattress) from my whole class. My room mom returned those for me.  I do keep wondering, when we do fall pregnant again will we have a shower at all? Will people be excited for me? or is it like oh...them again. With Stella I had a new ultrasound picture like every month, and I ran around campus and showed it off proudly. Will I do that again? Won't that be weird, or will it be exciting...again.

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  1. We'll be excited if you want us to be. I adore you for sharing all of this. Proud MMP'er...

    (Sorry for the comment overload...)