Thursday, November 8, 2012

Worried about tomorrow

A teacher at my school had her big ultrasound today, 20 weeks. She finds out the gender tonight at a gender reveal party. She told me today that she is telling students tomorrow. My students see her tomorrow, near the end of the day. I cried my whole way home, as I blasted Avril in Will's jeep with really loud speakers.

How am I gonna keep it together when they rush the room so excited to share the news?
What if I cry?

"Mrs. X is having a baby___. Mrs. K cried." Speaking of baby X, I do hope it's a boy...silly as it is, that info would be easier to digest.

If you are thinking students don't care THAT much, you are over worrying this...think again, 8 year old girls care, a lot.

Fingers crossed she tells them at the Beginning of class, so that way it would have died down a bit.

Update: Our division head told her not to tell, imagine that...same thing I was told. However, she is going to wear pink or blue to tell us. I have asked another teacher to find out before I do, and then tell me before I see her.

Update again: That teacher just told me, it's a girl. Do you think I'm the only one not at the gender reveal? 


  1. Crying is good. Hopefully the teacher will do it in a way respectful of you, knowing the girls will see you again. However you react...DO NOT feel guilty! We wil be thinking of you tomorrow.

  2. Big Hug from a far off. Do something non baby related tomorrow just for Amy.