Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh Christmas

Oh Christmas, I really thought you were going to be a dreary day. To my surprise you weren't!

I didn't cry, I didn't get overly was great.

At Christmas Eve service there was the cutest baby girl in a carrier. She began to get upset and when they took her out she had on the most adorable outfit with ruffles.

So during the service this is what I thought about...I kept laughing.

"We need a pair of  volunteers to play the roles of Mary and Joseph." "You were stage trained"...bwahaha.

I crack myself up. I kept quoting the movie and whispering it to Will.

Does anyone else love this movie as much as I do? Anyone else out there from a divorced family and always got drug around to all these houses when All You Wanna do is sit around in your pjs and play with your stuff?

Very inappropriate, but whatever I didn't cry...and THAT is what matters.


I didn't let my mind wander to sad places. I keep seeing positive signs...that a optimistic look right? Maybe I've watched too much Serendipity lately but still...much better than my normal pessimism that I call realism.

We are home now. It's incredibly rainy and I get the dogs in an hour.

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