Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Did you learn to deal with grief?

Loaded question as the therapist writes notes so quickly.

Really short answer no.

Short answer when things didn't go well as a child I was taken on a trip or I was given a present.

Then she said tell me about your siblings?
Um....yea, only child.

The writing continues...

Were you taught how to deal with grief?

Side story: I have has the hardest time trying to get my hair I just showed up at cheaps r us. There is a 80ish aged lady here. She is making such a fuss. I want to video her.

Shit talking about southerns and people from India since those types are currently in here.

Telling a child about using condoms and not having babies out of wedlock. This kid was about 9. Omg. Then her shirt is wet and she is trying to take it off and has it draped up over her neck and head.

Talking so much shit. I will die if Ga Ga does that stuff in public. She is now yelling about wanting an IOU.

K.C. Guess where she resides?

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