Friday, June 7, 2013

It's gonna be alright

Will went out of town Thursday morning. 

Thankfully I survived the night. 

No one tried to steal me. 

I didn't have to shoot anyone and escape out the bedroom window so I wouldn't have to walk past the body. Yes, I have a very vivid imagination...and I might add, I don't watch scary stuff. There also wasn't any tornadoes and tropical storm Andrea was/is pretty mild. I did think some tornadoes were coming, but what was the sound?? An Actual Train. Ha.

I find out at 9 if I must go to work, but I suspect I do.

I'm feeling pretty good. Yesterday I played all sorts of songs I love, many that make me cry especially blaring in the Jeep. I sang them really loud but didn't feel angry or sad.

I do hope this weekend is a good one, I suspect it will be.


  1. Love you!!!!!! Gonna go watch this video you suggested while having coffee. Thinking of making another change to my blog. Jimmy is gonna kill me. :)

  2. I think this weekend will be very nice! I sure hope so! Glad you weren't taken in the night! :)