Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Various thoughts for today

Written on Sept 5th:

Today I got a text from a pregnant good friend. She was at the doctor, for she was spotting at work today. Those 20 minutes my heart was so heavy for her. I'm sure she was in a panic. It got me thinking. I would rather hurt than have any of my friends hurt...I really hope I've endured more pain through pregnancy so that none of my friends will ever have the same heartache. Sadly I know that's not possible. But I can still hope I've taken one for the team, which once upon a time my friend thought she'd done that for me.

I had yoga tonight. It was nice. It's called Moon Yoga and completely calming not actually hard or sweaty=my kind of yoga! It always reminds me to think in the present which I am trying to do more of...today is Thursday and I'm happy. Today I am 33 and I'm happy. Happiness comes in the mail, by the way...I checked it tonight and here is what I found

Not a single bill, fabulous :)

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