Tuesday, June 24, 2014

27 Weeks

Cheers to 27 weeks pregnant! I had my glucose test this morning. The drink wasn't nearly bad as everyone made it seem. Only a few steps away from how I like my sweet tea!

I didn't feel wonderful after about 50 minutes but within a few hours was good. 

I assume I will know tomorrow if I failed or passed.

This was like the end of 26 weeks but I hadn't worn this top in months, woah nelly...there is a belly!

I have a complex that I'm big. People make comments about my size and lead me to believe my belly is bigger than it should be...so I am always comparing myself to others due in Sept. Mine is bigger, at least I think. 

Will and I attended a breast feeding class last week. Not a lot of new info, my friends have taught me most of it :)
I was so worried (he was not worried at all-didn't care) about him being the only guy, but he wasn't, there were plenty! 

I feel good, I still have a lot of energy...I feel like I need to take advantage of it. It's summer break and not going to work is fabulous! My mama visited me recently and we got bored with a rainy day so we began washing newborn and 0-3 month hand me downs. That was like woah, this is real💟

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  1. I love that belly on you! And who cares if your belly is bigger than every other September baby! You've got one healthy girl on board. That's what matters. And besides, I've rocked a bigger than normal belly 3 times! It's fun!