Thursday, June 19, 2014

What's a smoothie?

After my 28 week checkup I was told to drink spinach smoothies. Of course I went to Pinterest and a few friends for help. I was nervous about making one, dumb I know...never blended anything or used a food processor...but I tried this morning all by myself. 

Here is the recipe I kinda followed. I didn't have an apple though.

Ready set go!!

At this ain't a workin'

Then it started, not sure what I was doing wrong...


The consistency is like runny grits, I don't think that's right...but I stuck a straw in it and almost finished it. But really wouldn't it be better to eat some spinach than making all this mess and sugar? Especially now that I'm looking around for my breakfast, and no I don't mean I want grits! With butter :)

Oh well, I tried! 


  1. I've been trying to drink more smoothies lately too. I made one yesterday that turned out fairly tasty - and I drank it warm so I'm sure if I'd had it immediately it would've tasted even better! I use my Ninja blender so no idea about amounts but:
    frozen blue curl kale (not sure if the type of kale actually matters...but lots of iron in kale.)
    a handful of frozen berries (I used the tri-blend - strawberry, raspberry, blackberry)

    The berries shouldn't spike your GI level. Er whatever it's called. But berries don't mess with it as much as higher sugar fruits. But it's enough to mask the flavor of the kale :)

    Supposedly having smoothies is good because you can drink way more veggie than you can eat them whole. But then I think it messes with the fiber or something like that.

  2. Girls, I have a ninja and you can get great smoothies. You should always have at least one fruit frozen. You need no water, if its not thick enough add more ice, if to thin try a little milk or yogurt. I make them all the time just with fruit and yogurt because they are so good. Best of luck. Gail Osborne