Monday, August 4, 2014

Beginnings are are endings

I've had all these positive posts. All these happy times. But now as the end is approaching, it's scary again.

This quote came to doesn't really work, but I kept thinking the middles are easy. Which really now that I type this they aren't, 20 weeks can be scary too.

From Hope Floats--Birdie says this:
She says that beginnings are scary, 
endings are usually sad, 
but it's the middle that counts the most. 
Try to remember that when you find yourself at a new beginning. 
Just give hope a chance to float up. 
And it will, too...

I don't feel Jenna move as much now. It's tight quarters, and I'm just tying to keep telling myself that fact. Today she was quiet. I even talked to her asking her to move.

Then one of my students that I've seen twice a week all summer arrived for tutoring. Her dog, Jack, is with her every time. Today he got out the car and wouldn't leave my side. It was very weird. He wouldn't listen to his owner and get back in the car. Jack is a therapy dog and does things like that when something is going to happen to the person. Mom said maybe that baby is coming sooner than later. Of course I think the worst, maybe she isn't alive. (This next sentence sounds really stupid or maybe even laughable, but I'm really serious) Maybe I killed her with my Caesar dressing this week, or that sandwich meat I just "had" to have...for the rest of the day I've been a little worried, but trying to push those thoughts aside.

I just drank some OJ, laid on my left side and was able to get 10 kicks fairly quickly. That eases the mind.


  1. I went through all the same feelings. It's natural. I can remember several times a day just stopping to feel and concentrate making sure all was still well.

  2. Babies respond to stomach sounds. Try to catch her after you eat something or chew on some ice, that will get her moving also since it is the sound of your stomach gurgles that get her moving. If you are worried about a change in her movement pattern a simple non invasive non-stress test can put your mind at ease. Don't sit home and worry about her. If you think there is a change in her movement pattern and it worries you, let your doctor know and she will advise as to whether you should have the test done. It is just like if a person had chest pain or symptoms of a stroke they are told to go to the emergency room and get it checked. It is infinitely better to get it checked and have it be nothing than to sit and wait and make yourself sick with worry ( which does Jenna no good either). If you get worried again, call your doctor with your concerns or go get the non stress test in labor and delivery.