Thursday, September 4, 2014


Today was an emotional kind of day. It began just fine. We had Jenna's two week check up. Her jaundice is under control since she's eating well and her weight is up to 6.10 (a gain of .6 oz)

You've been warned don't read the rest if whining annoys you.

Then the day turned. Our condo has been vacated and left a real mess. They also didn't pay August rent so we're out that money to help with mortgage and repairs. We do have their deposit. But a list of things we must take care of now. Locks changed, garage door opener MIA, bug man called, power and water to my name, cleaning, carpets cleaned, holes patched, all walls painted. Will said they are all bad. Oh and a garage full of crap to get rid of...

Then HR called. They wanted to discuss my return date for work. Yuck. It's like we're on countdown. I asked them to figure how much I will owe them if I stay out all 12 weeks. Yes use up all my sick and personal days, and then pay for the rest. We shall see what figure they come up with...can't think of anything worse than not being home right now.

My heart hurts.

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