Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Two Month Appointment

One word


I wonder who will cry worse?
We plan to meet Will there. 

Fingers crossed our car ride goes well. Yesterday to Costco wasn't easy. However home from Costco, after sleeping in the Tula was a breeze.

Getting measured!

Weight- 11.3 lbs. 50%
Height- 23.25" 90%
Head circumference- 15" 50%

The appointment went really well. Will took the honor of holding down her arms. Jenna got two shots in one leg and one in the other, she first got something orally in a syringe. 

Jenna is also getting over a diaper rash, however I learned it was yeast. Bumps...so if you have advice about that please give it.
I got an rx for nystatin cream. I'm just bummed I can't use cloth diapers for even longer now. 

Good happy car rides there and back, makes for one happy Mama!!

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