Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Day

Jenna woke at 4:50 am for a snack and it took everything in me to not get up and fully wake her up!

I finally texted Mama at 6am, then soon afterward woke Will up. Will wanted to sleep in, if he only knew what was under the tree he would be up early on his own!!

Santa came!! He brought Jenna a light up mirror for the car, a glow worm, The Night Before Christmas book, the pop up toy is in the right of the picture above and this jumperoo below! In her stocking he left baby wipes and outlet plug covers.

We gave Jenna the most ridiculous hat and boots but they are crazy cute!

Yes Sherpa hat and "grey wolf" boots

Jenna really racked up!

What!? I wasn't able to get an AGD until I was like 10 years old, that rule clearly changed huh Lovie!?

Will putting together this penguin toy from Lovie.

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