Sunday, August 23, 2015


I just set my alarm clock. That makes me super sad. The summer was so much fun, I can't wait for it to be summer again. I probably should look at small things like be excited for Labor Day holiday not June.

Another friend's husband realized that she's almost been home for half of her August baby's life. So as I think about that, that's pretty cool maternity leave then summer about six months total. I am so glad to be a teacher. 

Here are some of the awesome things we did this summer. I kept a running list. This is the first summer ever I didn't get bored and I truly enjoyed it. 

Awesome stuff we've done
Tula'd to the pond
LLL meetings
Mt Pleasant pool play date
Ellie's bday party
Hunt club pool with daddy
Neighbors pool play date 
Water table at Lane's
Children's museum
Bagel nation
Storytimes at the library
Little gym with dad
Lake keowee with mmp
Beach daily at north litchfield
Rode in a golf cart
Hosted playgroup
Bike rides
Hadley over for dinner
Lunch at Emmy's
Mac's bday party
Mt p Water park
Traveled to Charlotte to see family

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