Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shrimp Skewers Again

So tonight I'm wrapping bacon around the shrimp! Will thinks that anything wrapped in bacon is good, I kinda agree.

Here's the plan, slightly cook the bacon (not crisp) and cut into thirds. Put a small piece of basil (from another former student, Brody) on the shrimp then wrap the bacon around the shrimp and put it on a skewer. Drizzle with EVOO. This shouldn't take long maybe 5 minutes on medium heat.
Now that I'm thinking about this...that's a lot of bacon, maybe I'll make an AB pattern going between bacon and no bacon. 'Cause no one needs to eat a whole piece of bacon with every 3 shrimp.

This is my plate, so I ended up not using any bacon on a 2 skewers. Oh and can you see the hearts? I know, dork right...I'm telling ya, I am SO incredibly BORED!
This is Will's plate, don't worry he did eat veggies too!

Served with peppers and broccoli, can I add green beans to my foil "tent" on the grill? I'll try 'cause I need to use them...wow that's a lot of green on one plate, I'm sure I'll hear about this one! This takes longer so grill them for 15 min on medium heat.

Oh and I'm excited about this one....I learned (duh, it's wasn't hard) but had never thought of cutting peppers into rings!

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