Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vegetarians Beware!

During our annual family beach trip this year we tried Rioz. If you don't know, Rioz is a Brazillian Steakhouse Churrascaria...all you can eat meat and they bring it to you!
You have this coaster and you put it on the green side if you want the food to keep coming, and you put it on the red side to STOP! See!

However, Rod my stepdad couldn't understand what the servers were saying when they would come to the table with more meat. This is normal he usually can't understand anyone who isn't from America.
My cousins Stephen and Suzy and my parents feasted with us.

Will ate Salmon, boiled shrimp, 3 chicken legs, 2 sausages, 2 lamb ribs, 2 bacon wrapped chicken, 1 flank steak, a slice of filet, and 4 filets wrapped in bacon...he thinks there was something else he tried, but he can't remember!
Apparently my parents didn't eat enough...they felt like dancing afterward!

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  1. Hilarious pictures! But of course, those are hilarious people!