Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Kennel

I hate taking Behr and Jade to the kennel! Jade has only been once and this was Behr's first time with us. We went to Pooch Island Inn on John's Island. Thankfully it was far away from any fireworks!

Will and I both dreamed about them while on our annual family trip to North Litchfield Beach. Silly, I know. While I was there I researched the dog friendly homes. There are only two. 1 has 6 bed/7bath with a pool and pool table for $4000, don't think so! The other is doable, but my Mama isn't our our side about bringing the dogs.

We now have two hyped up dogs that need much exercise. I was so excited to get home. I was hoping my bike dog leash had arrived. NOPE!

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  1. Hey- it's mm1569 from the Nest- can you email me at We're in Avondale and I'm pretty sure our foster, Mabel, would fit in your crate. We never anticipated having two large fosters at once! Thanks!