Monday, October 27, 2008

Buddy The Chewer!

Will has been leaving Buddy and Jade out while he walks Behr in the morning. If Buddy is crated and Will leaves with Behr he howls like no other wolf. Well this morning was the last time I get to sleep and hit snooze two times. From now on Buddy will be crated.

Will came back to find the furminator handle chewed off and the current book I'm reading, Love the One Your With gnawed's the kicker it's not mine! It's Shana' Shana, I hope that copy wasn't special, I don't think it was autographed...but I'll replace the book!! Don't worry Baby Proof is upstairs by my bed, yet to be read. I was reading on the couch last night that's why the other one was downstairs. I'm so sorry!

That first picture reminds me of this:dog
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  1. Ohhhhhhh, someone is in trouble! Buddy, give your mom a break and stop chewing up things!