Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Favorite Photos From Today!

Oh my word I love this camera, and oh my word I love these dogs. After I took Jade to dog lessons today I took her all over downtown and she was such a trooper. I would tell her to sit or down stay just about anywhere and then leave her, back up, and start taking her picture. She got quite a few comments about her being a good dog.

It was pretty ridiculous, now that I'm looking back through the 88 photographs I took in an hour! No lie. This was such fun!! 73 degrees helped to make this enjoyable.


  1. Your dogs are precious!! Love the first fav! Keep up the good work!! ps: what kind of camera did you get again?

  2. Nikon D3000...I think you said the same right?

  3. these look great! i love your new camera too!