Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thoughts on Rod

Cruise July 2009

Yesterday I went to a funeral and it's been the first one since Rod died. I thought about him and that whole situation. Will it always be like this, or just because it was the first one since? This family had been remarried also, so there were awkward times like who sits where or which pew in front of whom, why did they sit there...we just went through all of that, I felt that I could have warned them this was going to happen. I guess everyone thinks they are the most closest to the dead. I Did, I believe I WAS...but my title was STEP.

Then I got to thinking about Rod's watch where is it? What's it doing? Mama gave it to Rod for their anniversary. Kelley wore it to the funeral along with his hat from Crockett. This is so petty why am I spending my Saturday morning typing this, where's my camera...go do something fun.

Another thing that was important at this funeral yesterday was guitar playing, so once again back to Rod. Where is it? What's it doing? I know he broke a string at the hospital the night before he died, so is it all sitting in a house in Whitehall? But I don't need these items it just made me think of them, please Irmo friends don't go find them.
I know I was drunk when I said this....but while sitting at this piano I questioned our cruise group, "What if this is our last?"

Writing this so I don't forget: Kristin asked me the other day what song did I dance with Rod at my wedding, I couldn't remember...but I know now and I can almost play it on the guitar, "My Girl"

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