Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear Diary...

I have so much to say....I feel like my head just might explode, and of course today is Parent Conference Day.

Let me list them here:

  • Teaching Certificate expires June 30, 2011 (SLACK)
  • Must sign up for 2 college classes and have a job with all the stuff listed below fabulous (most of you say no biggie, we all did it) Well I have not, remember? I did my M.Ed. alone without teaching.
  • Behr on this medication is not himself and it's stressing us out-starving, can't walk, doesn't obey commands
  • Banding year at school-for a raise (right now) Huge reflection journal of all teaching due Feb 2012
  • Multiple jobs for the summer (tutoring like mad $40/hr)
  • Buying a house, short sale--do you have the answers?
  • Cramps, wow haven't been off the pill in 15 years
  • Need to eat more I haven't weighed this little since I don't know when, I'm blaming it on all of the above
  • oh and another break in unit W yesterday...and our most defensive weapon, Behr, has been medicated for seizures...great.


  1. Most of this post left me scratching my head. Where in the world have you BEEN?? Use a heating pad for the cramps and JEALOUS of one who says they are TOO SKINNY!! Seriously?!!?!?

  2. So, no birth control...what does that mean? Just asking... And the skinny thing makes me a little mad.

  3. Getting off birth control is quite the adjustment for your body. I recently asked my doctor about this as well and she explained how everyone's body deals with it differently. Some people have no symptoms and are able to get pg really quickly while others have "withdraw" like symptoms i.e. worse than normal times of the month. Not to mention all the stress you are going through, I am sure your body is in slight chaos. Plus, you have always been skinny (birth control sometimes adds weight too) but there is a difference between being skinny and being stressed to the point of eating being your last worry - the latter is not good. So we are keeping you & all the pups in our thoughts & prayers. We love you, miss you, & are willing to help in any way we can. Can't wait to see you all again very soon.