Sunday, March 27, 2011

"RUFF" Morning

My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
It comes from the love in my dog's eyes.

Unknown Poet

Behr woke me up around 7:55am so I took him outside. He was alert, saw another dog, ears up and all. Within 1 minute after we passed the dog I noticed Behr dragging his front right leg. So we turn around and head back toward the house, I didn't want to be stuck way far away from the house. Next thing I know I'm holding him up as he poops so he doesn't fall into it.

Don't forget he weighs 80lbs. In Will's mind he always thinks this is small, but to me I don't outweigh him by much. We get into the house and he runs face first into the post on the stairs. His eyes, ears, nose, and front paws are twitching.

I didn't cry, which is unusual but that's cause as fast as I could grabbed a sheet put it on the couch, and laid Behr on it then went and woke Will up.

Behr is extremely sad looking right now. His head is hung low and he twitched for about an hour. We decided to re-up his meds (we are suppose to anyway after this weekend) back to where they should be to 1 full pill, not the half we had been giving him this week. So that means he will be loopy and even that much more unsure of his footing until his body get used to the medication.

He is in the corner by the door now, and Buddy will go sniff his nose every now and again to check on him. Every time I walk by him I stop and watch his chest to see if he's breathing. He is never this still.

I'm not sure I can ever be strong enough to have an old dog or a blind dog. Behr runs into things now and if I don't see it, I can still here the bump. It breaks my heart. When we walk he leans into me for support (not just ownership, I promise) or I hold him up to help him walk so his front legs don't give out and he lands on his face. This doesn't happen 24/7 like that sounded, but now that we've seen it more than 5 times in the last month something is up.

I want the old pain in the ass Behr back. Someone remind me, next time he feels good and it's not raining I need to take his picture. Shown above are our two favorite pictures.

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  1. I am so sorry for you all. I know how much he means to you both. Cute pics!