Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just awful

When I just walked in, Behr was no where in sight. He was in the laundry room staring at the wall and breathing very heavy. He was not responsive to my words.

He has bloody marks on his snout (both sides), and I noticed blood on the wall. The house was in disarray from how Will left it at lunch. Both Buddy and Jade were left out, since Behr was cozy in Buddy's crate when Will left. So my guess Behr stepped on or got in someone's way and they beat up on him. :-(

Then I made him lay down. This happened, and it's never happened like this before. His mouth is wide open and when he got up his tongue had some little spots of blood on it.

FRIENDS, do not watch this video.

Right after the 1st episode:

OMG 8PM it just happened again. Once again standing in the corner, but this time responsive when I called him. I forced him to lay down just like last time and immediate BOOM, best guess Grand Mal Seizure. So is he fighting it off by standing?

Just 2 minutes prior to what I'm calling the seizure:


Afterward: looking up at me crying, and bright eyed. a little clingy after he started walking around, but that's normal he is resting on the couch. Not sleeping, but alert.

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  1. Very hard to watch all of these videos and read such things about Behr. Keep your head's up, as hard as that may be. Behr needs you to be positive and in the meantime we will be praying for y'all. Love you!