Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sad Behr

Before you think this is a cute picture....his tongue isn't going back in (it has now an hour later)

Earlier today Jenwilli wrote me asking if I was excited about putting an offer on a house, because I sounded down in my email. Well she is right, and I've come here to share!

Behr has had two rough days, and I guess what is rough on me is that his bad times are 4:45-6:00pm. This is my time. So I walk in the door and he is good for a few minutes and then it's bad bad very quick.

You might say well you work, you don't know how he is during the day. But in the morning he's not like this, nor at lunch for Will. At least I don't think he's like this, Will doesn't report it or write it down in Behr's journal. Then when Will walks in the door at night, and he isn't this bad at the beginning thankfully Will believed me, I do exaggerate things--so I'm kinda shocked he did this time!

Yesterday I had to hang up on Audrey so that I could grab him while he was pooping so that he didn't fall backwards into it.

Today something really different is going on, and his tongue is doing odd things. It's hanging out and he's making a sucking noise kinda. So I've video taped that for the neurologist. But these behaviors really stress me out and I always worry about him, what he's doing, and the fear of having to call Will that he's gone.


  1. Poor thing. Praying for you! PS: Thank you for consistently posting comments on my blog. You are the best!!

  2. we will say prayers too. he looks so sad. keep posting. i hope he will be ok