Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where is the old Behr?

Last night was the first time ever Behr did not sleep with us. He chose to stay downstairs. For some people this may sound normal, but for someone that owns a German Shepherd (or knows Behr) it's bizarre. They are kind of like that Sugarland song "Stuck Like Glue"

Behr laid on the floor for hours downstairs, even when Will got up and was walking around. He was stiff, and almost like frozen. I got up and looked at him around 3am. He was in the exact same position totally on his side, and not responsive at 6am when I got out of the shower.

Then today when Will got the dogs out of the garage (Joanne was here cleaning) he wouldn't leave the crate, or couldn't not sure which. So Will carried him to the couch.

I keep looking at him and watching his chest to see if he is breathing. I am really looking to see if he is alive. He has never laid this still.

So tomorrow Will is taking him to a neurologist at 10am. I do hope we learn something. I pray it's positive, but really I hope it's anything to explain his changes.

Looking at old photos, wanna see something cute? Behr as a puppy! We didn't own him at this time, but goodness GS puppies are adorable.

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