Saturday, August 27, 2011

Turner, Maine and Beyond

Our last summer trip was to Maine with our friends Audrey and Adam. Audrey is from Maine and these two have been saying for years, you gotta come with us. Well it finally happened! We stayed with Audrey's parents and Audrey and Adam and a huge plan for our trip. We literally just got on the plane and they took us everywhere! Here were some of my favorite parts of the trip.

We ran into a restaurant just in time for a quick downpour. I was quite happy I was Not on this sailboat!

This past school year we studied bridges, so I was still looking for them...and there were some different ones up there in Maine!
Will's first "Lobstah" Roll

Adam trying to get a lobstah with the claw at the Lobster Festival.
I was super excited Audrey put this stop in our plan...a covered bridge--Love it!

On the first night we cooked lobsters over this fire pit, learned out to shell/pick or whatever the term is for them...I loved it, this was one of my favorite things. Then we cooked smores!

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  1. Lobsters!! High class!! Love the blue/green tunic!! So beautiful!