Monday, September 12, 2011

What's in a name?

So I am teaching today...and G said "Hey, do you know there is another A. K.?" I said no, how do you know, she and M said "We googled you." Oh goodness, I came straight home and did that myself.

So I found my goodreads list that came up first, but nothing else.

Then I did A.K. with city and state, I found a video of Rod playing 2am at pizza on a cruise...I know I wasn't there because I was in the bed incredibly mad since Will was still out! So his obit must be attached and it has my name in it.

I also found a really cute picture of Jaimie and Jimmy from the knot and my name is listed as a bridesmaid. They have almost been married 100 days!

Then a short pixy cut that I commented on from my hairdresser, a comment on Ted's Butcherblock wall, and on the interior decorated we if you post on anyone's wall that is public it shows up on google, just FYI.

A list of people that gave money to AH...Will and I are both there.

So I decided to use my real name. That lead to who we bought the house from, it's location, and what we paid. Then our engagement I found no skeletons, thank goodness!
So note to self maybe it is wise to name your child one thing, but give them a nickname then it's harder to find everything...

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  1. Your mama was brilliant never using your given name, only your nickname!