Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year we spent Thanksgiving near Charlotte with Will's family. This was my favorite part...a fire, and now I want to build one, um like yesterday. We started this too late, so two years from now when we are back--note to self, start sooner :-)

This is Uncle Cliff's family!Grandma Sarah was a champ and hung out with us for lunch and dinner! Yay, I'm so glad she didn't stay at home.
Super cheese, what you don't see is that Susan is cutting the turkey and Will keeps taking the slices off the tray and eating them. He also is holding a plate with 4 sour dough rolls his grandmama made.
Funniest part of the day. I see Aunt Murray looking at those darn geese, and then hear, "Where's my gun?" really--um yes, see below. (it's just an air gun)
Codie and her daddy!
Siblings--this photo is way over processed, but they really are just about that white :-)
Pam and Mike---hmmm, um cousins? isn't that way you say when you don't know how they are related to you :-) at least that's how we do it on my side of the family.

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