Friday, April 6, 2012

12 Weeks NT Scan

The baby looks so long, but really it's only 2 inches! It's the size of a plum this week. However, it was great appointment. I am looking forward to the good news of everything is fine next week, and they I can tell my students! The ultrasound tech saw a nasal bone which is a good sign, and the fluid behind the neck measured 1.3mm when the key number there is less than 3mm, so that's great! The heartbeat was 154 this time.

She took a lot of pictures, so some of you may be looking at these thinking, what is that??...I have to agree! This first one is really obscure, it's feet, but really I just wanted her to check to see if she could tell what was between the legs! She didn't...I wonder if I'm going to end up in Summerville getting an extra u/s before going to Kim's in a few weeks...

That's a head and profile if you can't tell!
I still feel pretty good. I'm not exercising like Will would prefer, but I started a class that I've enjoyed in the past last Tuesday. I ride my bike around the neighborhood, maybe twice a week, but for literally 10 minutes. :-/

I have been to look at hell, I mean daycare. It looks like I get to pick the one that sucks the least. My favorite doesn't open until 7:45am, so that doesn't really work. I am so critical especially if they show me the rest of their program...I really don't need to see a 4 year old room promise, I will criticize it like crazy in my mind and strike them off the list.

Tomorrow I will be 13 weeks, so that means 2nd trimester! The baby will be the size of a peach. When we get good results next week, I will make cupcakes with a little help from my friend Yassi and give them to the girls with baby bottle sweet tarts inside as a surprise.


  1. Just so very cool. How exciting!!! When will you be ale to learn the gender?

  2. Jaimie, we won't really find out until May 30th. That's when we have the scheduled ultrasound for the gender, but we have talked about going to a place in Summerville that does early gender ultrasounds. It's not 100% (none really are) but the doctor said that she hasn't known them to be wrong. So that might actually happen around the 25th.

  3. I can totally tell that last ultrasound is a head. I already know it is beautiful/handsome!