Wednesday, March 28, 2012

11 week ultrasound

March 28th, Baby Kuenzel is now the size of a lime! Today's ultrasound was very cool, it finally looks like a baby! In the first picture, check out that arm! Today it's heartbeat was 164. This was our first external ultrasound, they found all this from the outside of my belly, wow. When the nurse was pushing on the outside with the ultrasound wand, the baby was kicking back furiously. It was moving all around like crazy, arms going and legs!

We planned on having the NT Scan today, to look for awful things like Trisomy 21, 13, and down syndrome. Ends up I am measuring (and have been-unknown to me) 1 or 2 days behind. So it was too early, oh darn I get to go back next week and see this all over again :-)

Today was the first time we also heard the heartbeat with the ultrasound machine. Next time we may be able to hear it with the doppler.

We are still due Oct 14th.

As far as I go...I feel great. I do take naps, but thankfully have been lucky and had no nausea or sickness! Also I don't have migraines either, which is completely awesome. How is Will? He is good, he didn't say much today except that he would not be cutting the umbilical cord, he said he'd pass the past weeks he has been worried about being a good dad. I'm sure he'll be great, especially since he's worried.


  1. My hubby did the cord but it took him ages, the midwife was like go for it like it's a piece of chicken. Yuk! It was an interesting memory of child birth. Luckily not the only one! Good luck with the baby and birth. You forget all the pain and sickness etc and are left with a gorgeous little person to love.

    Ultrasound Direct.

  2. NO WAY! So excited for you and your soon-to-be family of 3, plus pups!!! Treasure each and every second!!