Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I stayed busy today. I find that makes for a better day. I didn't have any real sad moments, except randomly in Lowe's no clue where that came from...I went to Lowe's, Target, FedEx to return the cutest bedding ever, that sucked, then...ready for it--to workout, no kidding. I did step ups, pull ups, push ups, and pushed the sled. Of course what do I do after working out...go eat pizza. :-) Then I headed to school to dabble around in not really anything. During the workdays I missed, my grade level organized my entire room and removed all items I didn't need this year. I made kongs for the dogs, straightened the house, and did a little packing for Edisto. 

I still have trouble picking something out to wear that fits and that can cause a little tension in my day. Tonight we plan to talk about memorials for Stella. I'm really scared about a killing a tree, so I'm not sure about going there and Will's idea is to get a big ole tattoo. For those of you that don't know, he doesn't have any, and I'm afraid if I say sure...then he will cover his body, and I mean cover--think dragon on the entire area of his back/neck/arms. Yikes, I know.

Alright, Will's on the way home. I'm going to heat up some dinner that was so generously brought to us tonight. I do know I'm loved, and I thank you all for keeping up with me and continuing to send texts and email even if you don't know what to say, that's okay.